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OSCAR Radio's 40th Broadcast starts on March 6th 2018

The 2018 Board

OSCAR Radio is the official Oundle School radio station and since its first broadcast in 1998 it has been one of the longest running school FM radio stations in the UK. In its 20 years of broadcasting OSCAR has helped to involve over 2200 young people from Oundle School and to this day continues to be the only entirely student run radio station in the country. Since receiving its UK Restricted Service Licence OSCAR has broadcast shows full of charisma and talent; from music and news to sport and entertainment the versatile nature of OSCAR radio has proved a hit within both the school and the surrounding area.

The first of our annual broadcasts for OSCAR radio, which this year airs at 5pm on Tuesday 6th of March 2018 running until 10:30pm Monday 19th of March, incorporates the help of around 100 students who pride themselves in committing to their various roles whether as presenters, technicians or directors. Under the guidance of this year’s current Managing Directors Ed Hodgson and Pandora Bannister promise to host many of the radio’s favourite regular shows such as ‘Just a minute’ and ‘Match of the Day’, and many fresh, new shows airing for the first time including ‘Food and travels’ and ‘The Saturday morning breakfast show.’

The OSCAR broadcast is a highlight in the annual calendar so be sure to tune in at www.oscar-radio.org from Tuesday 6th March onwards to catch the exciting and entertaining shows of OSCAR radio.

You can now listen to the playlists of all your favorite OSCAR shows on SPOTIFY here!!