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Oscar History

It is one of the longest running school FM radio stations in the UK, it was founded in September 1998. It has broadcast on 87.7 MHz, 87.9 MHz and 96.3 MHz FM. During the term-time for up to 8 weeks a year it broadcasts to Oundle School and the local area. The radio station is run entirely by pupils, all under the age of 18. The name OSCAR was chosen by the first female Head of School, Fleur Swaney, which stands for “Oundle School Community and Action Radio”. OSCAR is now based on the top floor of the Gascoigne building which it shares with the Music Technology department.

List of Managing Directors since our formation in 1998 are as follows

1998 Samantha Griffiths

1999 Holly Davies & Robin Banerjee

2000 Alex Jackson, Paul Monk and Stuart Whiting

2001 Seema Yallamanchilli and Jack Ream

2002 Natalie Grogan and Alex Morrell

2003 Sandy Rowell

2004 Hannah Glover and Alex Davies

2005 Patricia Walsh and Lewis Bretts

2006 Sophie Tamlyn and Nicholas Denny

2007 Harry Proctor and Adrian Kwok

2008 Phyllis Hamilton-Jones and Alastair Loasby

2009 Benjamin Alten and Fran Denny

2010 William Pimblett and George Hughes

2011 Charley Martin and Alice Rockall

2012 Marlena Mohamad Razali and Fred Wienand

2013 Emma Morse and Oliver Wood

2014 Eliza Smith and Katie Vickerstaff

2015 Alice Park and Hetty Hodgson

2016 James Stringer and Mercedes Bannister

2017 Lucy Stock, Robbie Hayes and Kitty Northcote

2018 Pandora Bannister and Ed Hodgson